Featured on ULI Electric Cities podcast

I recently joined host Jeremy Warson to discuss Toronto governance and politics on the Urban Land Institute’s Electric Cities podcast. Drawing on my new book, Shaping the Metropolis, I explored the potential for greater municipal autonomy, arguing that Canadian advocates of big-city charters should be careful what they wish for and be clearer about what problem they … Continue reading Featured on ULI Electric Cities podcast

May 23: Public talk about municipal autonomy in Toronto

In tandem with the launch of my new book, Shaping the Metropolis, I will be giving a talk hosted by the Toronto Public Library entitled “Who Runs Toronto? Provincial Control or More Autonomy for Toronto?” Come one, come all! Thursday, May 23, 20196:30–7:30 p.m. Runnymede branch Here’s the description: Toronto and other Canadian cities seem caught … Continue reading May 23: Public talk about municipal autonomy in Toronto

Urban populism in Toronto: Decoding Ford Nation

Populism is often viewed as a national-level phenomenon that pits a declining periphery against a cosmopolitan, economically successful metropolis. In a January 2019 paper published in the International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, Dan Silver, Fernando Calderón-Figueroa and reveal the potential for the emergence of populist politics within the metropolis through an analysis of Rob Ford’s 2010 campaign and mayoralty in Toronto.