New article: Municipal election campaign finance regimes in Canada

Taylor, Zack and Shanaya Vanhooren. 2021. “Local election campaign finance regimes in Canada: Toward a research agenda.” Canadian Public Administration 64: 99–121.

The regulation of election campaign donation, fundraising, expenditure, and advertising is an enduring object of study and reform. Compared to the federal and provincial levels, virtually no attention has been paid to Canadian municipal campaign finance regimes. This is surprising given the urban political economy literature’s focus on business influence on local politics and policy and evidence of corruption in Canadian local government.

In a new article in Canadian Public Administration, doctoral candidate Shanaya Vanhooren and I stock of Canadian campaign finance rules for municipal elections in light of Canadian and American research findings. The comparison reveals considerable interprovincial variation in the sophistication and stringency of rules.

We conclude by proposing a research agenda to investigate aspects of Canadian local campaign finance regimes, specifically:

  • How can we explain the adoption of, and change in, local campaign finance regimes by Canadian provincial governments?
  • What impacts do campaign finance regimes have on the competitiveness of local elections?
  • What impacts do campaign finance regimes have on candidate emergence?