New project: Canada’s Implicit Urban Policy

I am pleased to announce a new, SSHRC-funded project in partnership with Neil Bradford (Huron University College) and Alison Smith (University of Toronto) is entitled Canada’s Implicit Urban Policy.

Unlike some countries that have official urban policies, Canada has multiple federal-provincial-municipal relationships that span diverse policy areas, from housing to transportation to economic development. We argue that these constitute an implicit national urban policy.

Through detailed case studies of different policy initiatives in large, medium, and small cities across the country, we will examine how multi-level urban governance “hits the ground” in order to understand how participants perceive roles, goals, and relationships, and learn through collaboration. The project will advance theories of public policy and multi-level governance, while also benefiting policy communities by expanding our knowledge of governance in practice.

This three-year, $62,542 project is funded by a SSHRC Insight Development Grant and will support skills development and research by graduate and undergraduate students at Western University, Huron University College, and the University of Toronto.